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If a storm has damaged your home in Columbus Ohio, the process of repairing it can be confusing and overwhelming. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could end up with further damage down the road and repairs that don’t last. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from the initial damage assessment through to the final inspection. Don’t do it alone; Let a qualified Columbus Roofing Company help you!

We’ve been providing quality roof installation, roof repair, emergency roof repair, and commercial roofing in Columbus for over 10 years. Call us today to discuss your needs and to schedule immediate service. You will always be greeted by a friendly roofing professional! Call today and learn why we’re Central Ohio‘s best rated roofer.



Fast Service

With our 24 hour emergency roofing service in Columbus, you’ll never be left out in the cold. We’ll come and cover up any damages safely until we can perform the full repairs.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that you have a busy schedule as it is, and that a roof replacement or repair is a big job. We will go out of our way to choose service times that work for you.

Expert Service Staff

Our trained roofing specialists have many years combined experience, which ensures that your repairs and replacements are done right the first time. No callbacks is our #1 goal.

Insurance Claims


If a storm has damaged your home, the process of repairing your home can be confusing and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with less than you bargained for on getting your home or building back to its pre-existing condition.

When dealing with insurance companies on an insurance claim, unless you are in the roofing industry, it is very difficult to understand what your insurance company is paying for and what they are not. Your only concern when you have wind, hail, or other storm damage to your home should be if you feel comfortable with the company you have chosen to get your home put back together again.

It is also essential that if we are hired by you that we provide your adjuster easy to understand supplements if the scope of work he or she came up with does not completely repair the property. Knowledge of insurance billing procedures and documents required by both insurance companies helps to speed up the claims process so we can get your home put back together. Your deductible is the only thing you need to worry about when you have an insurance claim, figuring out what it will take to get your home put back together is our job.

If you were quoted a price to do the repairs by a contractor that doesn’t specifically reference the scope of work that the insurance adjuster recorded, you need to call us right away. There’s a delicate balance to following the insurance company’s guidelines, and Columbus Roofing Pros has the experience you need when dealing with roofing insurance claims.

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Roof Repairs Columbus

Not all leak repairs are created equal. Sometimes water can take several different paths to get inside. Have the knowledge of multiple trades is important for troubleshooting a waterproofing repair. The solution may not be completely clear as to how water may be entering your structure.

At Columbus Roofing Repairs we use the latest industry practices to find the repair. You can count on us to find the source of the problem FAST.

While you are able to find the source of the problem yourself, contact a professional with experience with handling proper equipment. Also hire a contractor that is up to date with all safety measures. When you hire a contractor with these standards the leak will be found much more quickly without putting your own safety at risk.

Below are a few common reasons why a roof needs a repair

Water seeping through walls

Water leaking around windows

Brick leaking water

Water leaking from ceiling

Coping or flashing damaged

Your roof may not have the right angle it’s supposed to have to shed water properly, and that means your roof needs to be re-angled or reframed. You may also have the need to repair the interior of your home or office that water ruined. Columbus Roofing Pros can make the necessary repairs to your property to keep the roof water-tight during the next rain storm. We provide quick response with technicians that are experienced with all types of roofing systems. Our technicians are also experienced with many areas of construction.

Roof Replacement Columbus

If your roof has had multiple repairs or different issues over the span of a year and the cost of these repeated repairs are starting to wear on your wallet, it may make financial sense to replace your roof. A repaired roof is only good until another leak springs up. Call us today to get a Columbus roof replacement estimate.

Here are just a few good reasons to consider a roof replacement:

  • Your roof is old – you’re missing granules, shingles are cracking
  • Your roof is ugly percent of a home’s curb appeal comes from the roof.
  • You can make your home look like you want!
  • Your insurance company is requiring it
  • Your home has storm damage

Replacing your roof (or re-roofing) is one of the largest home improvement projects that you will ever have. Once you have determined that your roof needs to be changed, the only step left is to call us and get the process started with a free consultation.

Buying a roof is not like buying a car. Sometimes, homeowners get very set on a number that they are willing to pay and they don’t really even understand what they are getting.

The process is going to be disruptive and in the end, you will have a new roof. Along the way, there are going to be men banging on your home with tools and there will be hours filled with hard labor.

Columbus Roofing will ensure that you feel comfortable with your decision to work with us. From start to finish, you want to work with a company that will do what they said they’ll do and have your satisfaction in mind.

Make sure that you hire a re-roofing professional that has amazing reviews and a reputation for excellence.

Our team at Columbus Roofing Pros is ready to help you with every type of re-roofing problem. We’re on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with your re-roofing needs at a moments notice. We will get down to the core issues, answer any questions and ensure you’re getting the best roof in Columbus!

Emergency Roof Repairs Columbus

We are proud to offer 24 hour emergency roof repair services for Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Sometimes there are problems that just can’t wait until the morning. Some roofing problems can’t wait another hour. We’ve got you covered with our 24-hour emergency services.

Many repairs need to be address immediately, like if your roof has been damaged by a broken limb during a rainstorm. Every minute means more water entering into your home. More water in your home means more damage and more expenses.

Calling us for an emergency roofing service and we’ll be there as quickly as possible to cover the damage and secure your roof until we can begin the repairs.

Common Causes for Emergency Roof Repairs:

  • Delayed maintenance and natural wear due to weather
  • Fallen tree limbs
  • High winds that rip off shingles and/or roof decking
  • Ice build up in valleys
  • Improper installation practices
  • Flashing failures at roof penetrations, including chimneys, vent stacks, and dormers

While some roofing emergencies are preventable many are simply out of your control. As a homeowner, you should always practice proper roof maintenance. Proper maintenance decreases your probability of needing an emergency roofing service in the future.

Roof Inspections Columbus

At Columbus Roofing Pros, top quality material, skilled craftsmen and detailed workmanship are just the beginning. We are a Central Ohio roof inspection company that goes far beyond those commitments by assigning you a friendly, knowledgeable account representative whose no-hidden cost proposal will be marked by accuracy, clarity and integrity, supported by a team of seasoned professionals who will tailor a roof system that best meets your specific Columbus roofing needs.

Whether the applications are commercial, industrial, or residential, you can count on Columbus Roofing to get the job done right the first time.In the interests of your roof’s long-term endurance, we establish a regular inspection and roof maintenance program that includes assessments of structural condition, core sample gathering, photographs and detailed documentation.

Commercial Roofing Columbus

Your Columbus commercial roofing needs can be served through our skills and experience long after the roof has been installed by us or by other roof repair contractors. Extensive commercial roof repairs are designed to further the life expectancy of your Columbus Commercial Roof job. We have highly trained commercial roof technicians that are well versed in all low slope as well as steep slope roofing repairs.

Once our highly trained technicians have performed a roof inspection, they are well versed to repair all low-slope as well as steep slope roofs. The commercial roof repair process may be necessary for existing roofing where new modifications are made, or damages that have occurred through unpredictable Columbus weather. These commercial roof repairs could also be needed from new additions, like new HVAC units, plumbing pipes, skylights, satellite dishes, masonry work, solar panels, decking overlays, antennas, surveillance cameras, etc.


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