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Columbus Roofing provides commercial roofing services to the greater Central Ohio area. Commercial roofing, just like residential roofing, requires hard work and dedication. We shine in the commercial roofing business because of our end results – and also because of our professionalism. We take pride in being courteous to your customers, keeping our job site clean, and having a professional appearance. While we work on your roof, our appearance reflects upon your business.

Columbus Roofing can install or maintain any type of commercial roof, industrial roof, or multi-family building. We are one of Ohio’s best roofing companies. Ask about our commercial roof repair or our commercial roof maintenance and inspections. Without proper maintenance, your roof will deteriorate long before it should.

We are insured for the safety of your business, and we take extra care to ensure the safety of our workers, your staff, and your customers. Our skilled roofing technicians will make sure that every step is taken to ensure that your business will not be interrupted while we work.

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